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    KR Travel Co., Ltd.
    Jongno-gu, Dongsoonra-gil 60-7
    Yeji Bldg 402-ho, Seoul city

    Tel: +82-(0)2-744-7696
    Fax: +82-(0)2-741-7696
    Mob: +82-(0)10-2244-7696
    E-mail: don@koreaspecialist.com

    Tel: +82-(0)10-2354-7696

    E-mail: don@koreaspecialist.com


    Hotels and Transportation

    We offer excellent hotels in different classes all over the country. Cleanliness and a high level of service are our main criteria in selecting our partner hotels. We conduct regular evaluations of all our hotels, thus guaranteeing our customers the best quality. We provide our customers with all means of transportation available in Korea, ranging from hire cars for individual travellers to private coaches for those who travel in groups. All of our vehicles are fully insured and are equipped with air conditioning and heating systems. We also arrange domestic flights, trains, boats or other means of public transportation.

    Upon request we will send you our confidential tariff list of hotels and transportation. Please Email to: don@koreaspecialist.com


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