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    KR Travel Co., Ltd.
    Jongno-gu, Dongsoonra-gil 60-7
    Yeji Bldg 402-ho, Seoul city

    Tel: +82-(0)2-744-7696
    Fax: +82-(0)2-741-7696
    Mob: +82-(0)10-2244-7696
    E-mail: don@koreaspecialist.com

    Tel: +82-(0)10-2354-7696

    E-mail: don@koreaspecialist.com


    Tours & Special Interest

    We offer a broad range of cultural tour programs, both FIT and group tours. Our programs are based on years of experience and a deep passion for Korea. We combine modern cities, small fishing villages, impressive mountains and picturesque islands with a well-balanced mixture of activities, culture and nature. Special interest packages can also be arranged through us, such as roots tours for Korean adoptees, golf tours, cruise tours and other theme tours.

    Upon request we will send you our confidential tariff list of sample tours. Please Email to: don@koreaspecialist.com

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